Baby Car Seat Hire save time and money

Baby Car Seat Hire

Baby car seat hire; is the best strategy when travelling; or on holiday as a short term option. Many parent have discovered that the combination of capsule and baby seat hire for a combined hire period of 18 moths meaning you only need to purchase a forward facing car seat. This results in the family saving considerable money on baby car seats with the knowledge they are helping to reduce and re-cycle.

The Infa Secure Quattro is the smallest and narrowest baby car seat on the market, being smaller than the Britax Graphene, the Britax Compaq MK II, the Britax Brava, Maxi Cosi Vela Slim and the Maxi Cosi Moda. When you hire the Infa Secure quattro, you will hire extended rear facing convertible baby car seat, helping to keep your child safe rear facing for up to 30 months of age.

Baby Car Seat hire cost

Note : Select the hire period (4 or 6 months); after which, the capsule extension is $40 per month.

Convertible Car Seat Installation (with 1+ month hire) – usually $45 waived when combined with a Hire.

Deposit – $50
Delivery and pickup in our Service Area – Free

Toddler Car Seat Hire in Melbourne

The Infa Quattro car seat is a genuine extended rear facing car seat, extending all the way to 39cm (rear facing) with an exit marker of 43.5 cm (large 4 year old), this compares better than another manufacturer where the A4 extended rear facing height marker is only 37 cm with an exit marker of just 41 cm(average 3 year old).

When baby car seat hire is combined with baby Capsule hire you have the best of both worlds, keeping your child safe and reducing your overall cost and reducing your plastic footprint

Capsule + Baby Car Seat Hire

At Mwapate capsule and baby car seat hire, we are true believers in re-cycle and re-use; as such we have crafted a unique package for the environmentally conscious. The new and unique package is the combination of capsule hire for 6 months combined with baby car seat hire for 12 months.

The result of this is a unique hire package such that you only need to purchase a forward facing baby car seat such as a Britax maxi guard.

The baby capsule hire makes your life; as a parent easier; as bubs gets more sleep. Hiring the extended rear facing baby car seat keeps bubs safe in a rear facing position while keeping your cost down without the need for excessive carseats in your garage.

When looking for a travel system hire, we recommend the maxi cosi mico plus capsule with the adaptors to suit your pram. We currently stock the most popular pram adaptors.

Why hire a extended rear facing baby Car Seat

As a new parent there are so many choices out there when it comes to protecting your child while travelling in your car. Our Professional fitters in Melbourne understand your confusion and can help you decide on the safest choice for your child.

When you combine a Baby Capsule Hire with a extended rear facing car seat hire for 12 months, you are saving money and reducing your plastic footprint. This hire combination m,eans you only have to purchase a forward facing car seat for your child.

We install 1000’s of car seats each year; we know and understand the problems mothers experience when using the carseats and only hire out the safest car seats available.

Hiring a baby Car Seat from Mwapate Car seat Hire; is a cost effective way to become familiar with a quality child restraint. This helps to free up cash for other expenses such as getting the nursery ready.

Free Installation

We understand your confusion, and want you start your journey into parenthood to be easier. Our easy hire rates and free baby car seat installation ; help make your transition to being a parent easier. Our Lead Fitter Anthony has been fitting baby car seats, boosters, capsules and toddler car seats since 2012.

Baby Car Seat Hire- Infa Quattro

Safe Small Car Seat Design

The Infa Secure Quattro is one of the safest compact baby car seats on the market. The unique design by Infa-Secure; means that the shell of all baby car seats are blow moulded, with air injected into the shell. This is called Air Cocoon Technology.

All Car Seats by Infa Secure have Air Cocoon Technology; protecting your children regardless of your budget. Unlike other manufacturers; this sort of protection is only available in their premium baby car seats..

When you need to use the capsule longer than the original hire period; the hire rate is only $40 per month. There are no hidden costs; we supply all needed parts; so that you and your child can Travel Safe.

The Infa Quattro is suitable for child from birth to 4 years of age; allowing extended rear facing.

Returning the Baby Car Seat

On Return all additional parts supplied, must also be returned; eg. gated buckle, head snuggler, shoulder pads and tether extension. Missing parts are charged at RRP.

    Please Select approximate start date of your baby car seat Hire. We will then contact you for a suitable time