Why Buy when you can hire

If you buy when first looking for a baby car seat, many parents make the mistake of either buying the most expensive car seat believing it is the safest seats. Rather than buying the cheapest or most expensive car seat, hire to buy car seats is the best and safest option to save cash and ensure the seat matches your lifestyle.

After your initial hire period , you know you have the safest car seat on the market and are familiar with the operation. No wasting money on inappropriate car seats or seats which will not last the duration. With an easy adjust harness you never need to worry about incorrect adjustments or twisten harness straps. Studies by Monash and RACV; highlight all these issues are issues, as causes for incorrect car seat installation.

Easy Repayment Terms (hire to buy car seats)

When you hire to buy car seats; we take into account your initial hire period; the remaining balance is paid over a 12 months, with easy to pay monthly installments (less than $8 per week).

Hire to Buy Car seat Free Delivery

When you hire within our service area; we provide free delivery and pick-up including free installation when the hire period is 4 months or more. Additionally we show you how your car seat works; measure your child in the seat ensuring it is a good fit for your child.

Free and Easy installation

When you decide on the hire to buy option we allow you to video the installation of the car seat from a ACRI accredited car seat technician and provide you with an easy to use safe grip clamp allowing easier installation and re-installation meaning your child/grand-child will be safer.

Safe and Secure

At Travel Safe we only have the safest of car seats to hire out to families and grand-parents; so you know that when you hire, your children and grand children.

Travel Capsule Hire in Melbourne began as the specialists in baby car seat fitting, now Melbourne locals can access our range of accredited services from baby capsule hire, baby car seat hire, hire to buy car seats and baby car seat installation.

Delivery and pickup in our Service Area – Free
Delivery Fees apply to other areas

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