Safe Seats designs for Safe Kids 2024

Safe Seats Design Factors

Safe Seats for safe kids baby car-seats have a number of factors which impact the safe seats design. These Include harness adjustment, the design of the top tether and how complex the installation is for a parent.  Seats with more of these features as safe seats for babies.

Harness adjustment

This is the head rest which is build into the baby car seat. it helps prevent whiplash as well as side impact protection. My point of view is that this is an Essential  as your child head is not protected when their head is above the shell of the baby car seat.

Manual Re-threading
When a carer needs to manually rethread a harness, there is a high chance that it will not be done on a regular basis. In many cases this may only be done when it comes time to change the seats or to turn the child to forward facing position. When you need to manually adjust the headrest at the same time then this causes additional issues.. A Better solution is to seek out a safe seat for safe kids with an easy adjust harness so no manual re-threading is required. This will help to keep your child safer.
Harness Increment
The harness increment the amount the harness is raised to get to the next level is critical to the design for a safer seat. The more harness increments your seat has; the better fit it will be to your child’s harness holding your child more snugly. This links directly to  the manual re-threading issues mentioned previously. Parents should be looking for an easy adjust harness with.

Safe Seats Installation

Safe Seats Design Clickigtht Installation

Clicktight Installation

A Clicktight installation is Safe Seats for Safe Kids technology; where you use the seatbelt for the installation but it is secure so that you do not need to use a locking clip/ gated buckle. This is the best practice and as the manufacturers develop more models with this type of installation then the incidence of incorrect installation will decrease. We will be highlighting seats with the clicktight technology as it ensures they are safe seats for safe kids.

TravelSafe offer mobile baby car seat installation in Melbourne (Bayside and South east suburbs).

Isofix Connection

Isofix is not always safer, the safety comes from the design; and whether sufficient tension can be allied to the isofix connections. Until recently many isofix buckles, were simply too large and it was not possible to get a stable installation. This a key reason many seats have not appeared in this list.

Recline angle

The recline angle in rear facing mode is critical to the safety of your child, too high and your child will have head flop, too low and the harness will not restrain your child as well as it should. Many seats only have a single recline angle and many parents do not understand what the correct angle should be.

The recline angle is made more difficult to understand as many car on the market are designed for adults and not for baby car seats. Any tool which is added to the baby capsule/car seat which helps to identify the correct angle for rear facing mode of travel is a positive for a safe seats design.

Top Tether Buckle

The position of the top tether buckle and the length of the webbing between the seat and the buckle make it easier to use. Ideally you want at least 6-7 cm of webbing and the buckle to be positioned on the side for easy access.

Many older style seats had the buckle around the back of the seat and very short webbing.

Safe seats design Conclusion

At the present time, including all of these factors does impact the cost of the baby car seat, but over time the cost will come down and many factors will become standard. An example of this is the Active Head Restraint which only on Britax baby car seat but is now seen on many models, so that when your child’s head is above the shell they are still protected.