Baby Capsule hire in Melbourne; announce Booster Seat Hire at exceptional rates.

When it comes to Booster seat hire, there are two choices available

  1. Normal Booster seats
  2. Extended Harnessing Booster Seats

Normal Booster Seats

What many people know as a booster seat, can only be used for toddlers

  • Aged 4 Years and older
  • Meeting the minimum should heat marker when sitting in a booster seat

The reason for these requirements is to ensure your child has sufficient core strength and ensuring the sash of the adult seat belt goes across the strongest part of the shoulder.

Extended Harnessing Booster Seats

Extended harnessing booster seats are also referred to as a “G” type seat which was introduced in accordance with the new child restraint standards released in September 2014.

A G type seat, means the child can be harnessed from approximately 6 months of age to around 8 years of age. This is great news for parents, keeping your child secure in a 6 point harness, until they are ready for an adult seat belt.

When selecting a Extended harnessing Booster seat, you need to ensure that there is an easy adjust harness. The Easy adjust harness allows you to easily move the harness up or down to suit your child’s growth, without needing to un-install the seat.

Prior to the return of the deposit, the booster seat covers must be washed; returning of additional parts supplied; eg. gated buckle, head snuggler, shoulder pads and tether extension. Missing parts are charged at RRP.

Why Hire a Booster Seat

Purchasing a Booster seat can be expensive. On the other hand; hiring a booster seat, frees up cash for other expenses; eg getting the baby nursery ready. We understand this and want you start to parenthood to be easier with our easy hire rates and free installation.

The Booster Seats below are available for Hire

  1. Infa Secure Emerge G (extended Harnessing) 1-8

Need more than one baby car seat installed please refer to our installation cost (only applicable to our service area)

Delivery and pickup in our Service Area – Free
Delivery Fees apply to other areas

Need baby car seat hire ‘near me’? Melbourne locals can call our friendly staff on 0479 168 579 ! to arrange for toddler car seat installation at a time that suits you.