Extended Harnessing Booster Seat Hire

extended harnessing boosster seat for hire

The sensible hire choice for parents on holidays; is an extended harnessing booster seat. The seat is delivered to your family/ friends home, and is installed for you. At the end of the hire period we pick it up again.

Our Car seat Hire team in Melbourne; have booster car seat hires at exceptional rates. Examples of this type of car seat include the Infa-Secure Extended Harnessing car seat.

The Infa Secure Emerge will keep your child harnessed in the forward facing position until 8 years of age. The Infa Secure Emerge is an easy to use forward facing seat. with the advantage of being easy to install.

The easy installation means that you can remove the car seat; should you need to transport more adults in your car on a night out or a weekend away. The Infa Secure Emerge is the ideal seat; for carers or grand parents who do not want to make the choice between their grand-children or playing golf.

The Infa Emerge car seat is a genuine extended harnessing booster seat, with an entry point at 34cm with an exit marker of 51 cm (large 7 year old). This compares better than another manufacturer where the A4 extended rear facing height marker is only 37 cm with an exit marker of just 41 cm(average 3 year old).

Why hire a Booster Seat (extended Harnessing)

As a new Grand parent there are so many choices out there when it comes to protecting your grand-children while travelling in your car. Mwapate Professional fitters in Melbourne understand your confusion and can help you decide on the safest choice for your grand-children.

We install we install 1000’s of car seats each year; we know and understand the problems mothers experience when using the carseats and only hire out the safest car seats available.

Hiring a Toddler Car Seat from Mwapate car seat hire in Melbourne is a cost effective way to become familiar with a quality child restraint, freeing up cash for other expenses.

Free Installation

We understand this and want you start to being a grand-parent to be easier. Our easy hire rates include free installation in our service area.

Safe Car Seat Design

The Infa Secure Emerge is one of the safest car seats on the market. They have created a safer seat with a blow moulded design with air injected into the shell (Air Cocoon Technology).

Many parents and grand-parents; hire a car seat on a short term basis; before buying a car-seat which is unsuitable for their needs. In many cases: the car seat is only a newborn to 4 years of age. Other issues may be that the seat is a manual rethread. This will cause the seat to be dangerous to use due to incorrect adjustment.

The Infa Emerge is suitable for child from 12 months to 8 years of age. This allows extended harnessing and no need to use an outdated lap-sash booster seat.

Returning your extended harnessing Booster seat Hire

All additional parts supplied; must also be returned. eg. gated buckle, head snuggler, shoulder pads and tether extension. Missing parts are charged at RRP.

Booster Car Seat hire cost

Booster Car Seat Hire

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