Nuna pipa klik capsule Review

Nuna Pipa Klik Capsule Review

Not Recommended – The Nuna Pipa Klik capsule uses rigid isofix and a Lock off clip for seat belt installation. The rigid isofix sits too far away from the cars seat to provide a reliable installation in rebound. The stabilising bar is too vertical and struggle to prevent rebound in emergency braking. The only positive is the fact the capsule uses the maxi cosi adaptor system allowing for easy connection prams.

Rigid Isofix Installation

The rigid isofix capsule design was based around the the crash lab testing sleigh which has the Isofix connectors recessed over 5 cm below the seat. Unfortunately for most cars the isofix connections are only recessed about 1 cm and some have the isofix connections protruding. The results in a loosed installation and the base sitting away from the seat, which will cause the whole capsule to rotate around the isofix points. Potentially this could cause the baby to be ejected from the capsule when only the rigid isofix connection is used.

Crep Report

The crep report gave the Nuna Pipa capsule a high safety rating. This is due to the isofix connections on the crash sleigh being recessed over 5 cm below the seat; giving the incorrect impression that it is a good installation using isofix. Unfortunately; very few car have their isofix points recessed 5 cm. The 5 star rating should be reduced considerably for the isofix installation.

Nuna Pipa Klik Capsule Drawbacks

The first drawback of the nuna pipa capsule; is that it is a heavy capsule, when compared to a maxi cosi Mico Plus capsule. When a child is added into the equation, then the weight is very heavy for a parent of slight stature.

The second drawback of the nuna pipa capsule is the tightness of the canopy, it is difficult to move from its shipping position to the in use position. Once it is in position it is easier to use.

The third drawback of the nuna pipa capsule is the tightness of the tether strap. The Tether strap is only just large enough to get over the capsule to the holding clip in the rear of the capsule.

The last drawback of the nuna pipa capsule is the stabilising bar, which is almost vertical, meaning that there is NOT a positive connection between the stabilising bar and the cars seat. The purpose of the stabilising bar is to prevent rotation of the capsule around the installation point.

Nuna pip Klik Capsule Positives

Nuna Klik Capsule Base

The Capsule attaches to the base with ease and when there is a mis-alignment the design move it into the correct locking position.

The easy locking clamp for seatbelt installation; simplifies the installation when using a seat belt. Simply feed the seat belt through the correct path then buckle up. Next Remove the slack and press down the locking clamp to secure the installation.

The spirit level is a handy point of reference to ensure the base is sitting correctly and that your babies head is resting at the correct angle and not flopping forward.

The easy adjust harness is a welcome addition to the nuna so that it is easier to move the head rest and harness as your baby is growing.


The Nuna pipa is NOT recommended as a isofix baby capsule due to the rigid isofix connectors. The rest of the drawback tend to be minor and should these not pose a problem then go with the Nuna pipa capsule. Though the travel system is the same as maxi cosi, which means that any maxi cosi will fit onto your pram.

What age is the Nuna PIPA capsule for?

The nuna pipa capsule can be used for up to 12 months of age, however m,any parents find the weight of the capsule and your baby is difficult after 6 months

What is the safety rating of Nuna Klik Plus capsule?

Provided the Isofix is not used then the safety rating of the nuna pipa klik capsule is high

is it safe to buy a second hand baby capsule

It is a risk, unless you know the history of the capsule. Has the capsule been involved in an accident. Mwapate dispose of any capsule that is involved in an accident

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