On a regular (yearly) basis; family day care car seat checks (FDC car seat checks) need to be done by an experienced and accredited car seat fitting expert. Whether the Family Day Care centre is with the council or is an independent family day care centre, car seat checks must be done correctly by an professional accredited car seat fitter.

Accredited FDC Car seat fitting experts

The car seat fitters at Mwapate are Kidsafe or ACRI accredited; and experienced in checking your family day care centre (FDC) child restraints. Mwapate work closely with Glen Eira, Kingston and Casey Council Family day centres as well as many independent family day care centres.

At Mwapate Services we check your FDC car seats one by one; checking to ensure the webbing is in good condition, there are no twists; the harness is threaded correctly as well as making sure the baby car seat is installed correctly. Additionally we ensure the car seat is still within the 10 year age limit and note this on the paperwork.

Expert guidance

As seasoned professional car seat fitters; we want you to be in control of your car seats, and not rely upon outside car seat technicians. We provide you with the necessary clips; to ensure that you can install the baby car seats just as we can. When there are errors in the installation we explain why there is an issue and how to overcome the problem.

The Cost to check 4 car seats for a family day care centre is $60. This does not include the cost of any parts and does not include re-installation. When baby car seats are not installed, the educator will need to demonstrate they know how to install the child restraint.

Please ensure you have all your paper work and the car seat identities ready and available. I will show you how to maintain your baby car seats and make recommendations for new car seats.

Mobile Family day care care seat checks

As mobile car seat fitters, we come to your family day care centre for the car seat checks; you can continue to run your Family day Care centre, without interruption. Mwapate Family Day Care centre experts, come to you and check all your child restraints, and ensure you know how to safely maintain your family day care centre child restraints.

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