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Brighton Capsule Hire by Travel Safe are a trusted name in professional fittings  and  hire of baby capsules and baby car seats,  Brighton locals rely on Baby Capsule Hire to provide on-road safety for their whole family. Whether you’re just looking to Hire a baby seat, purchase accessories or need full baby car seat installation, Brighton’s one-stop-shop is Baby Capsule HIre – contact us today by calling Anthony on 0466 99 7233 !

Recent data from RACV and VicRoads says that over 70% of child seats are not correctly fitted to their cars. This can be the results of insufficient anchor hooks or simple misunderstanding about correct installation guidelines.

Brighton Accredited Car Seat Fitting

We started out providing and installing car seats, but have since expanded our mobile services to provide Baby Capsule Hire and Baby Car Seat Hire for either short term (from 1 week onwards) or for long term hire (12 months plus).

After the hire period, you can extend the hire for only $5 per week for as long as you need the capsule. However many parents prefer the hire to buy option, where your initial hire period goes towards the cost and it is paid off over the next 12 months with no account fees and 0% interest.

Capsule Hire Taller Parents

Taller Parents in Brighton and surrounding suburbs; need not worry about hiring a baby capsule, and not getting the full use out of the capsule, however; should your child out-grow the capsule before the end of the hire period; we will change out the capsule to an extended rear facing convertible car seat, at no cost to you.

Anthony the founder of Travel Safe Capsule hire; has installed over 12000 baby car-seats; as capsules, convertible boosters, convertible car seats in a variety of cars, SUV’s, Dual Cabs and Min Vans.

That’s why we’re proud to offer professional baby car seat fitting with our baby capsule hire in Brighton and surrounding area. Operating a mobile service, Monday through Saturday; it’s easier than ever to protect your family on the road with correct professional baby car seat installation. Brighton locals, contact us now by by calling Anthony on 0466 99 7233 !