What is the Best Capsule

The best capsule on the market is one that is easy to use, that will fit your lifestyle easily and can be installed easily into your car. However there are many baby capsuule brands on the market ddesigned with their own prams and travel system.

When ever a new pram is created then either a new capsule is designed or adapters are made to fit a specific capsule. The two most popular capsule to be adapted are the Britax Unity Capsule and the Maxi Cosi capsules (MIco Ap and Mico Plus)

Maxi Cosi Capsule

There are currently 4 versions of the Maxi Cosi Capsule on the market These are

  • Titan Capsule
  • Citi capsule
  • Mico Ap Capsule (available for hire)
  • Mico LImited edition capsule (available for hire)
  • Mico Plus capsule (both isofix and non-isofix available for hire)
  • MIco 6

Titan Capsule

The Titan Capsule is the first capsule designed by maxi cosi and included the release mechanism in the base. This design caused a number of issues, the biggest issue being that the springs in the base weaken over time, preventing the release of the capsule, For this reason this capsule is not recommended..

Please note some hire companies may refer to this capsule as the Maxi Cosi MIco Capsule, should you see the maxi cosi mico on a website stay away from that company

Citi Capsule

NOT RECOMMEDED – The Citi is designed for a flat seat, any dip in the seat will cause your childs head to flop. The Capsule can be used for a max of around 4 months; as it only has 2 harness slot positions; but has a padded insert for prem babies. The Maxi Cosi citi capsule is narrower and smaller than other capsules which means that most of the maxi cosi adapters will not work

Mico Ap Capsule

Recommended (Seat Belt Installation) – The Maxi Cosi Mico Ap capsule is only receommended for seat belt installation as isofix on the mico ap does not secure tightly due to a number of design issues. The maxi Cosi capsule has a travel system/ adaptor system which allows it to the majority of the prams on the market through the use of inexpensive apators.

The Mico ap capsule is light and easy to use. Unfortunately ; in many cases it can be difficult to install the baby capsule. Contact a mobile baby car seat Professional Fitter to help or better yet hire the Maxi Cosi mico ap capsule.

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Mico Limited Edition Capsule

Recommended (Non-ISOFIX) – The Mico Limited Edition is almost identical to the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus; with the exception of being non isofix model and different fabric color. The Limited edition still has the extended canopy with spf 50 protection for bubs, the new easier to clean fabiric and magnetic holders for the harness clips. As an accredited ACRI Fitter

Mico Plus Capsule

Recommended (ISOFIX) – The Mico Plus sees a number of upgrades from the Mico AP. The first upgrade is the Isofix worksand allows easier installartion than the maxi cosi mico ap. The next upgrade is an extended cover with SPF 50 protection for bubs, a new easier to clean fabiric and magnetic holders for the harness clips.

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Mico 6 Capsule

Not Recommended – The Mico 6 capsule is identical to the maxi cosi mico plus but with a different name so that the baby shop does not have to price match competing baby stores. In many cases the mico plus has a lower rrp so buying a mico plus from an independant store is a better option.

Britax Unity

Recommended (Isofix and seatbelt) – The biggest advantage of the Britax capsule is that it is designed for up to 12 months of age. The britax capsule has isofix which works easily for simple installation. The seat belt installation for the Britax unity is better and easier than the Maxi Cosi capsule and can be done by most parents. When you select the Isofix version of the Britax unity, it also is designed from babies of low birth weight, with the buckle and harness positions being adjustable.

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Cybex Capsule

The Cybex capsule is designed for the cybex pram and not fit any other pram / capsule combination out there. Positives can be used for 12 months, easy installation. Can be difficult use take in and out

Nuna Pippa Capsule

Recommended (Seat Belt Installation) – Despite Crep indicating that the Nuna Pippa Klik has a 5 star rating when using the isofix, in reality it is only a 1 star as the capsule sits several cm away from the seat due to the rigid isofix connection. Fortunately the seat belt installation is easier due to the internal lock off clip. The Nuna Pippa also works with the Maxi Cosi capsule adaptor system.

Baby Jogger Capsule

Not Recommended (Seat Belt Installation) – The Baby Jogger capsule has a high angle in the capsule and will cause your child’s head to be pushed forward onto their chest making it difficult to breathe. Both the isofix and seat belt installation methods work equally well. The capsule has an adjustable foot which is easily adjusted to take into account deep seats. This capsule only works with the Baby Jogger Pram.