Contact Baby Carseat Hire in Melbourne, when you need a Baby Car Seat or Baby Capsule for either short term (2 weeks to 4 months) or long term (4 months plus). Free ACRI / Kidsafe Accredited car seat fitting is included with all long term rentals of baby capsules and baby car seats.

Delivery service to our service area – 9:am to 5pm – Monday to Friday

When you are not within our normal baby car seat hire service area, it is possible to meet in a neighboring suburb within our service area

Maxi Cosi Isofix Capsule Hire

Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Isofix Capsule

Most cars manufactured after 2016 will have isofix connections, Making the installation easier should a mechanic unclip the baby capsule.

COST $180 – 6 months

Maxi Cosi Non Isofix Capsule hire

Maxi Cosi Non Isofix Capsule Hire

Mico Plus Non Isofix Capsule

Identical to the isofix capsule but at a lower cost

COST $120 – 3 Months

Mico Ap Capsule Hire

Maxi Cosi Non Isofix Capsule (mico ap)

Cost $100 – 3 months

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    Do hire cars come with car seats?

    Most car hire companies have baby car seats, however very few car hire companies are accredited to fit them. so you will need to fit the baby car seat yourself

    Can a child ride in a taxi without a car seat Australia?

    In Victoria taxis are exempt from needing to have baby car seats, however there are other companies that have suitable baby carseats for travel to and from the airport