Baby Capsule Hire Melbourne

baby capsule hire Melbourne

Mwapate Baby Capsule hire in Melbourne operate along the bayside and the south east suburbs of Melbourne. Our team of fitters are RTO Trained baby car seat fitters who are experienced in the installation and use of all approved baby capsules and car seats on the Australian Market. At Mwapate capsule hire, we only select the best (not the cheapest) capsules and car seats to hire out;

Selecting which Maxi Cosi capsule to hire or should you select the Britax unity capsule to hire is made easier with our reviews on the specific baby capsules such as the Maxi Cosi Limited edition capsule or the Mico plus capsule.

Which Baby Capsule

Does the baby capsule need to fit onto a specific pram or are you just needing a baby capsule to take in and out of the car without disturbing your child.

When you need a capsule to fit a specific pram it is recommended to Hire Maxi Cosi Capsule.

When you do Not need a specific pram it is recommended to hire the Britax Unity capsule.

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Isofix or Seatbelt

Isofix installation does not make the capsule installation safer; however many parents may find it easier to install the isofix capsule. When you hire a baby capsule in Melbourne from Mwapate services, we install the Baby capsule for you; and show you how the baby capsule works. As such the need for the Isofix capsule (Maxi Cosi Mico Plus capsule) is minimised, and is only recommended when you are sure you will be taking the capsule base in and out of the car.

The non isofix versions of the maxi cosi capsule come in two varieties. The Maxi cosi Mico AP Capsule and the Maxi Cosi MIco Limited Edtion capsule.

When should you Book your Capsule Hire

You should book your baby capsule hire as early as possible. It is recommended to book your baby capsule at least 6 weeks before your due date, this allows our team to secure a suitable baby capsule for you and deliver and install the baby capsule 2 weeks prior to due date. When you book your baby capsule hire less than 4 weeks prior to the birth, it is not possible to guarantee that there will be sufficient stock.

How much to hire a baby capssule

Baby Capsule Hire Melbourne Summary

Baby capsule hire in Melbourne is easy. Select the Britax Unity capsule to hire when you do not have a specific pram to use. When you need to remove the Capsule Base on a frequent basis select the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus as the capsule to hire.

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