Hip Dysplasia Car Seat Hire

Hip Dysplasia Car Seat Hire

When, your baby has Hip Dysplasia or needs a hip brace. In these cases you want a car seat that will allow you to securely harness your child.

The type of baby car seat that you require is a baby car seat that has low sides. The reason is that when your baby has the hip-brace on then they can spread outside the seat. The second criteria is that it needs to be wide, providing plenty of room for bubs when the brace on.

All main Baby Car seat Manufacturers have a seat suited for bubs such as the Britax Bfirst.

Hire Hip Dysplasia Car Seat

Don’t go out and buy an expensive car seat for what is only several months. Hire a hip dysplasia car seat from Mwapate Car Seat Hire in Melbourne. Either by sending a text message to 0479 168 579 or by sending an online hip dysplasia booking enquiry

Healthy Hips Car Seat Hire Cost

When you hire a car seat within our service area; we will deliver the car seat to your home, and install the car seat for you. It is important that the installation and adjustment of the harness straps are done when you child is awake and available. Thus ensuring a correct and comfortable fit for your child.

Returning the Hip Dysplasia Car Seat

At Baby Capsule and Car Seat Hire we will pre-book a return date and send you an email notification, 1 weeks prior to the end of the hire. keeping you informed at all times. We return to you home and can install your old car seat with an accredited fitter adjusting it correctly for your child.

Hip Dysplasia Car Seat Hire

    Please Select approximate start date of your Capsule Hire. We will then contact you for a suitable time

    Car seat Set Up for your child

    Please ensure you baby is awake at the appointment so that we can personally set up the healthy hips car seat for your baby. Additionally we will should you how to use the car seat and how to make the necessary adjustments should your baby need to be in the car seat for a number of months.

    Car seat Hire duration

    When you speak to your doctor they will tell you if it is a mild or sever case. When you have a rigid brace or a Rhino Brace, then you will need to have a healthy hips car seat hire for at least 3 months. This is the most cost effective car seat hire. However we do have a month by month healthy hips car seat hire on a month by month basis

    Can babies with hip dysplasia sit in car seat?

    Yes. All you need to do is to hire a healthy hips car seat from u003ca href=u0022https://babycarseathire.com/u0022u003eMwapate car seat Hireu003c/au003e. we adjust the seat to suit your baby

    What kind of stroller is best for hip dysplasia?

    Find a pram that is compatible with the u003ca href=u0022https://babycarseathire.com/britax-unity-capsule-hire/u0022u003eBritax Unity Neosu003c/au003e