Incorrect Installation of Baby Car Seats in 2024

Installation Of Baby Car Seats Done Incorrectly

Child restraints are the safest way for ensuring your baby is secure and comfortable in the car, however many parents try to fit the baby car seat themselves resulting in the incorrect installation of baby car seats.

“Safety first “is “safety always.”  So get the best car seat that is easy to use,  because your child’s safety is the most important cargo you will ever carry in your car.

In case of incorrect installation of baby car seats, the majority of issues revolve around the use of child restraint by parents.  Parents or guardians should call a Professional and Accredited mobile car seat fitting expert to their home or workplace to ensure that their restraints installed correctly by an expert.

Professional car seat Fitting

Do not select a motoring organisation to install your baby car seat for your child as it is not their main profession. Mwapate baby Capsule fitters are Professional child restraint technicians; only install baby car seats and capsules as their profession; this does not include changing your car fuel filter or tuning your car.

Research shows that  incorrect use of child restraints by parents  is likely to have significantly increased injury risk by approximately seventy percent.

Our Team started out providing and installing car seats, but have since expanded our mobile services to provide Baby Capsule Hire and Baby Car Seat Hire for either short term (from 1 week onwards) or for long term hire (12 months plus). After the Hire period, you can extend the hire for only $40 per month for as long as you need the capsule

Only a mobile baby car seat fitter has the time and experience required to demonstrate to you how the seat works, the issues associated with the seat and how to overcome them; allowing you time to experience the use of the bay car seat.  Our Professional car seat fitter is available and to ask any questions you may have and answer you questions in an easy to understand manner.

Avoid Incorrect installation of baby car seats

Mistakes parents make baby car seats

A baby car seat can be incorrectly used in multiple ways simultaneously e.g.a very loose harness is compounded, if the child wriggles their arms out of the harness or if the wrong harness slot is used in both rear-and forward-facing restraints.

Some parents do not tighten the harness sufficiently; which is a recipe for disaster. As carers for our children, we need to understand the consequences of these errors.

When using a booster seat; the lap belt improperly placed or loose are dangerous risks as well as not using the anti submarine clip when it is provided. These issues are often overlooked but all these issues impact your child’s safety.

Baby Car seat laws

Different states have different laws governing the use of child restraints. If these rules are broken, they come with penalties for incorrectly securing a child. The Victorian laws and standards can be found here.

Best Practice Baby Car Seats

Best practice recommends the use of an appropriate child restraint until your child is eleven years of age; or until the child is approximately 145 cm tall. The sash of the seat belt must comes across the collar bone and body of the shoulder; and the lap section of the seat belt is firmly across the hips. For help in selecting the safest seat read our Guide.

Approved Child Restraints

All restraints must meet the approved Australian standard. It is not allowed to use American Standard seats, European standard seats or New Zealand approved standards. The Australian standard is more rigorous than either the American or European Standard. As such The Australian Standard is a better and safer standard. However having a safe seat is only just the start; as carers for our children. We need to ensure the correct installation of baby car seats; and ensure we know how to use the baby car seat correctly, through a Professional baby car seat fitter.

You are responsible for ensuring your child is travelling in an appropriate restraint. Many of them are flexible enough to adjust as the child grows. There are various types of restraints; rear facing baby seats, convertible baby car seat, convertible booster seat, extended harnessing seat(type g) the booster seats among others.

Mwapate baby car seat Installation in Melbourne began as the specialists in baby car seat fitting; now Melbourne locals can access our range of accredited services; from baby capsule hire, baby car seat hire and baby car seat installation. In conclusion when you want to know more about any of our products or services? Call our friendly team on 0479 168 579.

Does a baby car seat need to be professionally installed?

In Victoria it does not need to be installed by an accredited technician. When you are not certain of your ability contact ACRI / Kidsafe trained baby seat installation experts onu003cstrongu003e 0479 168 579u003c/strongu003e

Should car seat go behind driver or passenger?

The safest position in the car is where you can get the best installation. Most families find a newborn behind the passenger the best position

How do you install a baby car seat?

Baby car seat manufacturers produce videos to help you in the installation. When in doubt contact Mwapate baby seat installation experts onu003cstrongu003e 0479 168 579u003c/strongu003e